Information Technology

The technology field is easily one the fastest-growing occupational sectors in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the information technology sector is expected to grow by more than 50 percent between now and 2014.

Great demand already exists for systems analysts, database communication experts and information technology analysts. One of the other technology areas certain to grow in the years ahead is the cyber security arena.

Financial institutions are seeing greater and greater federal and state requirements to ensure customer privacy. Higher industry standards have been put in place to prevent potential security failures, spawning new career options like “chief security officer” or “information security manager.”

Health Services

Though education and technology are certain to offer employment opportunities, no field can compare with the openings in the health service sector. Not only are the vast majority of healthcare services essential, the basic pay someone to write a paper care of patients cannot be outsourced. Throw in an aging US population and the health care profession represents the most recession-proof career possible.

There is a well-documented shortage of nurses, particularly Registered and License Practical Nurses. However, nearly half of the nation’s 30 fastest-growing occupations are all in the health services field.

While many do require in depth study (physician assistants, physical therapists, pharmacy technicians, and home health aides), many essays for sale others require only a certificate or an associates degree. Medical secretaries, respiratory therapists, and medical assistants are all in high demand and none of these areas require a four-year degree.

Recession–Proof Your Career

In tough financial times, the critical component is the continued opportunity for employment. Selecting a career option in the finance homework help education, technology or healthcare sectors is one of the best ways to ensure work opportunities are always available to you.

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