Tips for Freshmen from Senior Students: How to Study Successfully and With Interest at the University

Tips for Freshmen from Senior Students: How to Study Successfully and With Interest at the University


Admission to the university is a kind, like nothing else, stage on the life path of many people. To make it fun, usefully and without any special losses, it will be useful to learn the details of student life. Below are some tips for freshmen from senior students who have already stepped on every possible rake and use write my papers now - it is not necessary to repeat their mistakes.


Tips for freshmen to adapt to the educational process


New people, change of place of residence and familiar surroundings, large flows of information - all this is initially confusing. Infusion into the educational process to achieve positive results can take a long time. Here are some basic tips on how to avoid this.


The faster you figure out the schedule and learn how to navigate within and between educational buildings, the less delays you face. At first, it makes sense to edit my paper with outside help before doing the move with your group. In a difficult situation, do not be afraid to ask a guard or a teacher for directions - most will treat your problem with understanding and will prompt you where to go next.


Record lectures that are difficult to find on your own. If the teacher simply copied outdated data from the textbook without providing them with his own comments and, in general, treated his work irresponsibly - think and decide for yourself whether you need to gnaw such "granite". Exception - some teachers require abstracts at the end of their course. There's nothing you can do about it, you have to write.


Notes on important and complex subjects will help you better master the material. It is not necessary to write down topics in calligraphic handwriting and in huge volumes. Someone prefers to fix their own thoughts on the topic, other students use to designate basic terms and concepts. As a result, the elaboration of the synopsis and the degree of assimilation of the material are important.


There is an important point that for some reason very few people discuss aloud. At the very beginning of your studies, you need to decide how important grades are to you. If you have a fighting spirit for honors, that's great! But just a desire to get an education is also not bad. Academic progress depends on many factors - the availability of free time, natural abilities, the complexity of the specialty. Don't be alarmed if things don't go as planned right away - this is completely normal.


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